Book Reviews

Quotes from the book “In Praise of etc.”

“Having served in Congress during the Impeachment of President Clinton, I find the diary of the impeachment process by Rep. Stearns fascinating and clearly an insider’s view from both sides of the political aisle.
-Congressman Tim Petri

“From a historical standpoint, this new book by Mr. Stearns on the impeachment process is a welcome addition to better understanding how the process in the House of Representatives really works. It also will provide insight if another impeachment is begun.”
-Andy Glass, Contributing Editor, Politico,

“As a Member of Congress who actually took part in the debate on Bill Clinton’s 1998-99 impeachment, Cliff Stearns vividly brings to life what was then only the second impeachment of a president in the history of the US. The entire process, its equivalent to an indictment by a grand jury, and the serious and highly personal exchanges of the House Members are much-needed guidelines to understand why impeachment did come up again and will in the future.”
-John Gizzi, Senior White House Correspondent, Newsmax